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Marking the close/window dressing: how to review

Steps to Review a Marking the Close or Window Dressing Event

TRACKED IN: Open – Close Manipulation

To detect marking the close, Surveyor looks for instances where a user account obtains the last round-lot execution of a trading day, in a symbol in which the account maintains a significant pre-existing position, and the execution improves the valuation of the pre-existing position as compared to the next previous execution (the would-be closing price if not for the subject account’s action).

Window dressing is similar to marking the close, but only examines the final executions of a trading month, and requires the account to have held the pre-existing position for a longer period.

1. Pre-Event Position

Prior to event, an account holds a long position. This is easy to visualize by turning on the Position indicator under Chart Settings at the bottom of the chart.

2. Pre-Event Last Print

3. Local Print

4. Closing Price

Using the Results

After reviewing the event, you can add a note to the event, and export the event to the responsible parties.

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