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Using the Tools Panes

Under the tools menu in the top right corner you can pick these kinds of windows to view:

Accounts: Displays a list of accounts who traded or held positions in the selected symbol on the selected date, including their positions at the start of day, end of day, and at the time selected. Also displays each account’s realized and gross profit or loss for the symbol and date.

Local Orders: Displays a table of order messages entered by the selected account(s). Right click the header row to modify which fields are displayed.

Market Prints: Displays a table of completed trades, including time, size, and venue.

News: Displays a list of news stories mentioning the selected symbol on the selected date.

Notes: Displays the review history for a selected compliance exception. Entries added by the user will be permanently attached to the audit log of the exception.

Order Book: Center four columns show a consolidated order book showing all available depth. Hover over a quantity to show the venues at which quotes are posted. Additional columns show local order activity by user’s firm’s accounts. “Lcl” = Local = portion of visible quotes entered by selected account(s).

Symbol Stats: Displays basic information about the selected symbol, including issue name, volume, and opening and closing prices.

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