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"I’ve never found a tool that looks for cross-product manipulation until Surveyor. It's definitively unique and the first of its kind."

- Chris Hartman, Lightspeed

Awards and Recognition

Regulators are aggressively enforcing anti-manipulation and market access rules. With fine amounts escalating, the cost of doing nothing is even greater.


Of trade surveillance enforcement actions involve layering or spoofing, the most complex behavior to detect.


Largest spoofing fine to date, paid to CFTC in 2020.


Increase in trade surveillance spending industry-wide since 2010.

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The only trade surveillance system using full depth data to reduce false positives.

Surveyor is the only trade surveillance software that qualifies alerts using full depth-of-book market data. Competing software just uses top of book data, missing real market manipulation and producing useless false positives.

A System that pays for itself

Reduced Reviewer Hours

Fewer false positives and easier interface dramatically reduce time spent reviewing alerts.

Reduced Compliance Hours

Surveyor’s workflow functionality greatly reduces the time required to communicate and close issues.

Reduced Legal Hours

Surveyor’s legal experts keep abreast of the fine print of new enforcement actions for you.

Reduced Developer Hours

Surveyor engineers replace internal development time spent keeping your platform current.


Save hours for reviewers, developers, legal teams, and compliance, all in one trade surveillance platform.

Accurate Manipulation Filters

Filters to catch all the most critical market manipulations, including spoofing and layering, marking the close, and many more.

  • Layering & Spoofing

  • Insider Trading

  • Marking the Close & Window Dressing

  • Wash Trades & Cross Trades

  • Auction Imbalance Manipulation

  • Ramping

  • Paired Participant Spoofing

  • Trade Throughs

  • Cross-Product Manipulation

  • Halt & Execution Monitoring

  • Market Making Obligation MiFID II

  • Custom Filters Available

Best Execution

Improve your trading analysis and meet your regulatory obligations in one tool. Using our depth of book market data, you can easily identify pricing outliers and execution quality on the most granular level and display them with advanced and customizable visualizations.

Visual Clarity

Clear and accurate trade surveillance interface that minimizes the risk of errors in compliance data analysis.

Cross-Product Comparisons

See equities, options, and futures products side-by-side, with consolidated order books and integrated time and sales.

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Easy Like Email

A workflow that mimics clearing an email inbox equips compliance officers with an easy system to review key alerts.

Smart Alerts

Natural language storyboard explains why each surveillance alert was generated - in plain English.

Advanced Reporting

Find answers to very specific questions with powerful custom reports, and export your findings in one click for easy sharing.

Fully Modular Workflow

From a trader's six-screen array to a regulator's laptop, Surveyor's workspace can be rearranged and configured for any workflow.

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A full range of trade surveillance tools to keep your compliance cutting-edge.

  • Prints & Spread Price Chart

  • Full Depth Order Book

  • News

  • Position Curve

  • Data Report Exporting

  • Daily Symbol Statistics

  • Exception Workflow Tracking

    • Liquidity Curves

    • Local Orders & Executions

    • Exception Story Panel

    • Order Message Archive

    • Dual Symbol Mode

    • Exception Trends View

    • Options Chain



Coverage for the major equities and futures markets in North America.

  • US Equities

  • CME Futures

  • CFE Futures

  • Eurex Futures

  • Euronext

  • OSE Futures

  • US Municipal Bonds

  • US Corporate Bonds

  • Canadian Equities

  • US Equity Options

  • ICE Futures

  • Montreal Futures

  • LME Futures

  • US Treasuries

  • Coinbase Futures

  • More Markets

"I’ve never found a tool that looks for cross-product manipulation until Surveyor. It's definitively unique and the first of its kind."
Chris Hartman - Compliance at Lime Brokerage LLC
"This is the easiest tool I've ever seen for looking at the microsecond data."
Dave Nadig - CEO,
"With Surveyor, I am confident I am getting quality results."
Tim Looney - CFO, Stock USA
"If our previous system was high school football, Surveyor is the NFL."
Brandon Kaisler - COO, Cobra Trading
"I've got to say that Trillium Surveyor is way cool."
Haim Bodek - Managing Principal, Decimus Capital Markets


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