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Insider trading: how to review

Steps to Review an Insider Trading Event

FOUND IN: Price Move

Surveyor automatically detects all instances when a customer account benefits from a significant price change correlated with a news event. Surveyor has partnered with NewsWare, which provides a consolidated feed of market-moving news events from hundreds of different news sources, to define news events.

Customer holdings are tracked via standard start-of-day position files.

Surveyor looks for two conditions to be met to detect insider trading.

1. Pre-Event Positions

Condition 1: Prior to the news breaking, two accounts had buy orders filled. In the graph, this is represented by the yellow Xes.


2. Favorable Price Move

Condition 2: The indigo price spread in the graph represents the increased market price.

Using the Results

After reviewing the event, you can add a note to the event, and export the event to the responsible parties.

More on Reviewing Events

Next, see how to review a trade concentration event. For more information about what insider trading is and further reading and analysis, visit our in-depth article.

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